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Posting on social media? Not during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Divorce

If you are an avid user of social media, it might be hard to imagine a time when you wouldn’t use it. You may get on Facebook to check on friends and family or keep up with celebrities you like on TikTok. Whatever you enjoy, remember that social media can become a major problem during a divorce. Everything you say and do can be preserved online, and even your best efforts may not limit your spouse from seeing details about you (whether you post them or not).

Choosing to get a divorce puts you in a difficult position. On one hand, you want to move forward with your life. On the other, you need to do everything you can to minimize the other party’s ability to make claims about you. For example, you don’t want to be posting images of you drunk at parties while you’re trying to get a custody arrangement you want. You also don’t want images of you spending a lot of money on new things when you’re seeking spousal support.

Your social media could hurt your case

It is a simple fact that social media can hurt your case. Posting negative things about your spouse, posting images of you while impaired, making comments on others’ pages or even other people’s photos or videos of you could all be used against you.

For your own benefit and security, it’s best if you can shut down your social media while the divorce is pending. You may disable accounts or, if you cannot stop using social media, consider locking your account down. Block or remove anyone who might spread information about you, and don’t accept any new friend requests from anyone until your case is resolved.

Eliminate social media as a potential point of conflict, and you’ll be in a much better position as you go through your divorce. Remember, too, that even if you delete yours, you can still look for information on your spouse’s accounts to use in your case. Social media can be good and bad, but for your own sake, removing that factor could be a major benefit.