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Helping You Protect Your Loved Ones

There are times when a loved one’s capacity may be temporarily at issue, and there are times when long-term help or care of a loved one may be needed. Helping navigate those often confusing situations is at the heart of establishing guardianships for minor children.

In a day and age when families are made up quite differently than they were a few decades ago, guardianships may need to be established for any number of reasons. Perhaps you find yourself raising a child that is not your own with no legal rights to enroll that child in school or take him/her to the doctor. What are your options for establishing stability for a child in a period of great change or turmoil?

Guardianship may very well be the answer and the family law attorneys at Albano, Richart, Welch & Bajackson, LLC, can help you weigh your options to see what may fit best for you and your family, no matter whom you may consider to be “family.”

What Options Are Available?

Guardianships are a difficult decision, but sometimes necessary to protect a loved one. We provide assistance with probate matters, including minor guardianships and conservatorships.

In Missouri, the guardianship of a minor is granted when the child’s parents are unable to care for them. A guardian is responsible for the maintenance and support of the child. This can happen for a variety of reasons, often with the death of the parents, abandonment or if the parents are declared unfit to care for the child.

Compassionate Representation For Your Family

Our attorneys look forward to examining your particular situation to help you determine if guardianship may be the best fit for you. We understand how difficult these situations are and handle each case with the sensitivity it deserves. Contact us today at 816-533-7673 or online to speak with an attorney. We serve Independence and the greater Kansas City area.